From Rags to Riches and Social Cause

We often get acquainted with the regular oppressions in our society; from poverty to child labour, gender bias, inequality and illiteracy etc. We are proud to be the citizens of an independent and secular country of India, which is developing on a rapid pace yet leaving our morals and values far behind.DSC_6762 copy copy

This is exactly what this young, zealous, strong-headed and philanthropic guy-next-door, Arun Sharma is determined to achieve. His clarity of thought on uplifting below the line people and all the unprivileged children with basic facilities of education, hygiene and a healthy life to lead a better life ahead. His pre-defined notions are a result of the unprecedented efforts and industrious labour put in by his father and elder brother to sustain livelihood for their family.

The tough times spent by this ambitious 26-year-old by burning the midnight oil has led him to believe strongly and firmly in contributing towards the social welfare for the benefit of all the classes and masses. Therefore, his association as a volunteer with the ‘Gyandeep Organization’ has proved futile for his overall personality development too. He looks up to the Bollywood’s most loved Bhai a.k.a Salman Khan as an idol of admiration. The reason, well, a man bearing golden heart who is the founder of Being Human and support the poverty-stricken people with medical, educational and such benefits.

When asked about his driving force as a youngster, his answer was short yet crisp; ‘He who has fought shall always win and conquer’ and we can’t help but agree to him. The young lad with high hopes and dreams is a strong believer of fate and destiny as he says…’ Struggle is contagious but autumn is always followed by spring’ Do we need to see anything else?

Now, hailing in the heart of Amritsar, his family owns an abundance of wealth and goodwill, all because of the honesty and pure hard work which shall set the benchmark for future leaders too. We wish him anything but loads of blessings and goodluck to soar high on the ladder of success.

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