Ta Ta Towels: What is so special about this towel bra?

Think of hot, humid and sweaty summer season and all you can relate to it is-irritation and chaos. Ask any woman with slightly heavy breasts, they will tell you the real hardship of tackling sweaty weather. So, the point is, is there any solution it? The answer is YES. Now, there is a towel that covers just your bosom and absorbs all the sweat. Called the ‘Ta Ta Towels’, the patented product is widely being described as a “hammock for your boobs”. Women across the world have gone exhilarated over this quirky and one-of-its-kind product, and there are good reasons behind it.

Erin Robertson, the creator of towel bra came up with the creation after her personal experience of dealing with sweaty boobs. She said, “I was living in Los Angeles and getting ready to go out on a first date. As I got out of the shower and started getting ready, I could not stop sweating — not because I was about to go on a first date, but because my tiny A/C unit was broken AND it was the beginning of summer.” It was then she coined the idea of towel bra that she found interesting and comfortable.

Interestingly, the breastfeeding mothers will be happier to know about this solution as the company manufacturing the bra guarantees solving the leakage problem and calls it good for sensitive nipples. The only sad news is, it is still not available for shipping to Asian countries.

Though many are praising the product, others have slammed it calling it “ugly” and others calling it “pointless” and until it was advertised, they didn’t know that one needs a “towel for under boob sweat”. Priced at $45 it has been branded as lounge wear that is available in only from a cup C to a cup H.

I woke up like this…#comfortable that is, in the black reversible #TaTaTowel.

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Doing our best to stay cool during this #heatwave in the reversible floral #TaTaTowel.

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