Barefoot Sandals is EVERY Beach Girl’s Favourite

Heading to the beach destination for a vacation? Do not forget to pack barefoot sandals. Yes, these are the next must-have accessories. As its name suggests, the accessory looks like a sandal, but is not. It is a sole-less shoe, more like a leg chain. These stunners are perfect for occasions when you can’t wear a sandal. What’s more?




Bengaluru-based craftsperson Ishara, who makes the barefoot sandals, said, “I went to the Andamans recently and started making these sandals on a whim. Very soon, it became popular and I had a busy time on the beach. I generally use macrame patterns to make them, which does not require any needle. But you can use anything — thread, shells, beads and crystals — to make them.”


Junk-jewellery-maker Sonali Sarkar said, in her recent trip to Ibiza, Spain, she saw that boho jewellery was the order of the day. What caught her eyes were barefoot sandals, which looked extremely stylish. She am happy to see it coming to India now. Style it with a pair of shorts and a nice flowy top and voila, you’re all set to go!


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