Amazing Ads by brilliant minds that will make you Look Twice

We often come across some commercials which are eye-opening, sexist, emotional and funny. Advertisement industry has grown and evolved dramatically over a period of time and the credit goes to the brilliant ad men behind the lens. We, at GNG have rounded up these brilliant ads for you which will demand a second look. And we bet, they all are extremely thoughtful!


For Sexier Knees..




Leg and foot cream, Boots..



Long and Strong Hair naturally



Garnier just nailed it.



Shakespeare is having some good time!


Audiobooks by Penguin Books. ‘nuff said.



How accurate is it!


Avoid texting while driving by Nissan. Our favourite.



Lights off.. Action. On Point.



Durex did it again.



Just a curve can change your life!


We just loved their branding!

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