7 Easy Ways to Spruce your Home Décor

What is the secret of a cozy place? Is it an ideal layout, comfortable furniture, or maybe a breathtaking view from the window? Well, it’s probably all of those things. But what can make a luxury penthouse apartment look cold and empty, but can transform a small studio into the coziest place on Earth? It’s the details, of course. It’s all about those details and smart decoration ideas. And the best part is that you can make them in no time at all by yourself.

Let’s check out what we have planned for you in store:

Functional Ladder1

What better than using your climbing ladder for a beautiful décor piece. Place your utensils and flower pots to create a homely ambience exuding positive vibes.

Natural details in living room2

Adorn your living space with natural details and notch up the eco friendly quotient by incorporating bamboo sticks, flowers, teak pots for a positive energy and happy ambience.

Charge here3

Just so your guests find it comfortable to charge their devices. A cute ‘Charge Me’ written on a palette like above makes for a pretty corner.

Terrarium and side table4

How pretty does this terrarium acting like a side table looks like? We find this extremely innovative and useful, what is your idea?

Sweet memories from Sea side


When you out on beach, collecting these pretty sea shells of all shapes and sizes is quite an interesting idea. How about using them for your flower pots decoration or candle light holders. They will instantly add an element of fun and cuteness overload, we bet.

Cosy Corner


For you and your beloved, spend some good cuddle and snuggle time with your better half in this cosy space. Updo your balcony and create a lively space for you two to get up close and personal.

Picture Frame Clock7

Use your pictures in such a way to highlight as a clock. We’d say there is no better way to enliven your home like this.



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