Zoya is Every Bride-To-be Dream Come True

Putting together a bridal trousseau, even for the most seasoned of shoppers, can be an exhausting, if not painful, exercise. Considering the many rounds of trials, fittings and re-fittings, making sure the clothes and jewellery follow the colour theme (which of course, has to be in sync with the decor; you don’t want to merge in with the floral arrangements, do you?), it’s no wonder many brides-to-be turn rogue.















The last thing you want with everything going on is a stressful shopping environment, and while on most occasions that may be unavoidable, Zoya is out to make a change.


The luxury counterpart to sister brand Tanishq, Zoya offers a jewellery shopping experience that seeks to make the entire process a breeze. If you make an appointment for a viewing, you can choose to avail of their complimentary pick-up and drop facility, with a plush Jaguar car at your service (why wouldn’t you?).


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