Your search for a perfect Valentine’s Day Special Beauty Box ends here

Another season of love is upon us. With the overdose of heart-shaped cutouts and display windows filled with teddy bears it brings back the question that has been asked by man every year- “What should I get her?”

We know the world is filled with gifting ideas but are you going to stick with the usual box of chocolates, bouquet of flower and that I love you singing teddy bear? Even you know the box is going to be finished, the flowers will die and the teddy will sit idle in her room. Why not gift her something she’ll cherish every day and actually use it?

We are not asking you to visit the stores where she always takes you to shop and search for the gift. Because let’s face it without her you won’t have any clue what to pick and if you take her along it won’t be a surprise duh.

So without wasting any more of your time just order our special edition Valentine’s day Box. A gift carefully curated with goodies that’ll please every girl, and make your Valentine even more special.

What the box has

Soulflower Romance Massage oil – Rs 350.

MUA Trio eyeshadow in chocolate box- Rs 610.

Vana Vidhi Sensual Amber body wash- Rs 990.

Freedom Make me crazy lipstick- Rs 450.

Stay Quirky – Cheeky partner – Rs 225.

The box has products worth Rs. 2625, but wait you only have to pay Rs.1999. Look no further for the perfect gift for your lady love (and ladies you can drop a hint for your man) To buy the Valentine Box, tap here:


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