Yogurt gives you 5 good reasons to be consumed

You should’t even think twice before consuming yogurt as it has amazing benefits than any other foods. It is rich in nutrients that benefit your body & brain immensely. Yougurt makes you heather without making you put even one extra pound.  It’s important to remember that these benefits only pertain to plain, nonfat yogurt- not the flavored, sweetened varieties or the high-fat varieties. So, dig in some nonfat, plain yogurt instead and enjoy your summers!


*  Protein – One of the top reasons to eat yogurt instead of other animal foods is its unique protein content. Yogurt works synergistically in your body to lower fat, increase lean muscle, and stave off hunger and low blood sugar. Choose Greek varieties instead of regular yogurt for the highest protein option.

* Calcium – Calcium lowers high blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol that causes your body to store excess abdominal fat. Yogurt is a better source of calcium than milk since it has less sugar in the form of lactose, which is eaten up by the friendly probiotics in yogurt.2e4599edba36af9df82599f4b8fbcec2

* Probiotics  – Speaking of probiotics, more studies today conclude that the higher levels of healthy gut microbes a person has, the lower their waistline. Probiotics help fight toxins and bad bacteria that cause weight gain and they promote regularity. Be sure to choose yogurt with a seal that says “Live and Active Cultures,” to ensure your yogurt contains live probiotics.

* Vitamin B 12 – Yogurt is one of the best sources of Vitamin B12 you can eat because it’s so easily absorbed by your body, and not all sources are. Vitamin B12 helps increase your metabolism to boost fat-burning, it regulates sugar metabolism, and it also promotes a good mood as a bonus!

bdc1a00490d4ba4decac057161788fa8 * Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 helps relieves stress and anxiety but it also helps increase your energy throughout the day. Pretty unique, right? If you suffer high stress, eat one or two servings of yogurt each day to get a healthy dose of stress-lowering Vitamin B6 in a few delicious bites!

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