Wowsome Walls

Its time to break up with those stark, blank and empty walls, standing tall as if they own the place. Okay, maybe they do own the place, but then you should not let yourself be oppressed by them. Some people get excited at the thought of revamping a blank space while others get overwhelmed by the endless possibilities that exist. Our advice- don’t let yourself be intimidated by it! You can use household items like fancy plates, suitcases, some easily found pictures or thrift store finds to up your decor game.

Here are a few tips to updo your walls in a playful way:

Be your own muse


Use your photographs or captures, selfies and tonnes of pictures that might bring a flood of memories back to your head. Why not just hang them or stick to your wall for a personalized feel.

Bore me not boards


Boards are the best way to express and unleash the artist in you. Stick your art or crafts, sketches, poems or random favourite things to name a few.

Unconventional Frames

Play with patterns of walls. Paint them ikat, stripes, monochrome, block or anything you love! Add some drama by hanging assymetrical frames on the wall to create dimension and statement.

Hat Trick

Hats adorning the all make up for a stunning statement and of course you can paint your plain bamboo hats for a funky outlook.

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