Why you should include fennel seeds in your diet?


Having strong medicines like vitamins, calcium and other tablets is something that we should always avoid. They not only harm your body but also tend to decrease your immune system. When we have natural products why not using them? All the herbs serve us really well and is undoubtedly very healthy. Fennel seed is one of them.

Fennel is the perennial pleasant smelling plant with bright yellow flowers. We all know that all the big things in the world come in small packages. This is the case with fennel seeds also. Fennel seeds are available all year around in the markets either in the form of seeds or in processed ground form. Ground and powdered fennel seeds should be stored inside the refrigerator in an airtight containers and it should be used it as soon as possible because they have the tendency to lose flavor quickly due to evaporation. Fennel seeds are undoubtedly something that will make you healthy.

We are giving below some few major reasons why you should include fennel seeds in your diet:

  • Beats Bad breath
  • Reduces obesity
  • Helps in digestion
  • Shield against cancer
  • Relieves menstrual problem
  • Helps in improving your memory
  • Removes your eye health problem
  • Prevents from cardiac problems


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