What’s cooking this chilly weather?

We know your struggle to cut, drip, fry and cook for that full-course meal for your family in this extremely chilly weather. When all you need is a good tight sleep snuggled in the soft blankets, aroma of the pumpkin spice candles to enliven your mood and of course, relaxing music to escape from the hustle bustle. But nonetheless, let’s come back to reality and double check our duty at home. We feel you but before you curse that, check out the brilliantly cooked crunchy, yummy and perfect treat for this sweater weather. Chef Ashish Rai, Head Chef from Barbeque Nation shares exotic recipes to woo your family with these easy to make tantalizing dishes.

Here are the recipes:

Spanish Valencia Prawns




12 medium sized prawns

20 ml refined sunflower oil

20 ml dry red wine

10 gms shrimp powder

A pinch of saffron

20 gms paprika

20 ml lemon juice

Salt to taste

30 gms chopped onion – fried golden

30 gms chopped garlic – fried golden

Asparagus Pepper Bruschetta



In a round bowl, mix paprika powder, red wine, shrimp powder, saffron, salt and vegetable oil and whisk well.

Add fried onions and fried garlic. Check seasoning.

Peel, de-vein and clean prawns. Add lemon juice. Marinate for 45 minutes.

Grill over moderate charcoal fire and serve hot with a medium spice dip.

Asparagus Pepper Bruschetta


Slice Bread (roundels)
Roasted pepper (R,Y,G) (100 gms)
Blanched Asparagus (100 gms)
White Vinegar (2ml)
Oil (10ml)
Crushed Pepper (powdered) (2 gms)
Chop Garlic (10 gms)
Basil Juliennes (2 gms)
Basil Pesto (50 gms)
Aromat seasoning (3 gms)
Parmesan Cheese pwd.




Cut the slice bread in discs, toast it on both sides. Make your basil Pesto (basil,olive oil, cashewnut, garlic, parmesan cheese) to be applied on toasted bread. For the topping, roast the (R,Y,G) peppers , blanch the asparagus, chop & saute the vegetables with garlic , season it well. For the service, apply little basil pesto on one side of the toasted bread, top it up with little mixture, sprinkle some parmesan cheese & serve garnish.






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