#WeekendEdit: All shine and metallic play

Shiny metallic elements have made a great comeback this season. Wearing metallic is the best way to add an instant glam to your look. Metallic shoes, skirts, and even nails and lips will really look amazing when combined with neutral colors. However, many of us consider this trend a little bit tricky and adventurous. While we are still hesitating about whether to wear it or not, ’metal fashion’ is gradually fading away.



Believe it or not, metallic colors go with absolutely every outfit. We usually wear metallic earrings and necklaces, but there is something more stylish and trendy out there: metallic shoes! These shoes will add sparkle to your outfit and perfectly complete your look.

  • They look really great when combined with neutral colors.
  • Choose a metallic color according to your skin tone. If you’ve got naturally lighter skin, opt for silver. If you’ve got darker skin, then gold will look perfect on you.
  • These shoes can easily be combined both with a casual style.




  • Avoid overloading your look — don’t wear a big necklace and earrings at the same time.
  • Metallic accessories perfectly match darker makeup.
  • Do not wear metallic accessories with bright dresses as they can completely ruin your look.

Metallic accents in outfits4

There’s nothing more flamboyant than metallic hues in your outfit for a fancy soiree with friends or colleagues. Stand out in a shimmer and glitter metallic pleated skirt, blouse or just add that extra bling in an all metallic dress.

Metallic Accessories5

If you don’t like the idea of wearing metallic clothes, you can always refresh your look with some beautiful accessories. It will certainly add a touch of unique style to your outfit and improve your overall look. Gold or silver belts, bags, shoes, and jewelry combined with neutral colors will definitely look amazing on you.

Manicure and Pedicure6

Pamper yourself this weekend by indulging in a ‘feel-good’ therapy and paint your nails and toenails with metallic accents for that extra glam and edge.

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