Weekend Edit: Things You Need To Stop Wearing Post 35

As the women approach 30 year of age, they increasingly become quite mature and sensible. The seriousness of work and play takes a toll and dressing up is more like a task, right? Because, of course you don’t want to look desperate. #AmIRight or #amirite? Here, are a few things we have rounded up for you to make your task easier and give you the best advise of #WhatWhenWear.


Don’t you dare wear swear tees. They’re for angry teenagers.




Ditch those animal prints. They are oh-so-creepy.




Tulle skirts are just not meant for your old ass




Bright hair colors are for the young ones.




Sheer is not something you should try at this age.




The iridescent shimmer and glittery sequins. Unthinkable!


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