Wedding photography in India

Suneha & Karan – Wedding Film Teaser by Wedding Twinkles from weddingtwinkles on Vimeo.

Wedding Photography, as a concept is nothing new to the world. It has been surviving here for too long; all that we could see today is an extension of the trend and in broader stroke-a professional face of it. Earlier wedding photography was just an event, and not a full time profession. But with the changing face of photography in India, it has become a full time profession and particularly in Delhi, there are bunch of photography companies that expertise in wedding photography. Wedding Twinkles-one of the leading companies in Delhi/NCR that offers wedding photography services that includes (pre-wedding, wedding, candid moments and wedding film shooting) has created a new benchmark of professional standards in recent times.


It is not just a matter of raising the standard in terms of providing quality and timely services, but also about working on unique concepts that are rare, when it comes to wedding photography. Of course, the credit goes to the owner of the company, Reema Gulati Bhat. She has not just kept the work standard high but has also raised the creativity level to new heights.


When it comes to wedding photography, locations matter a lot and Wedding Twinkles have opened new gateway after experimenting with new locations and themes. With destination and concept based wedding in trend, the sector has become a booming business for many established photography and that is the reason everyone is trying their hands on it.


It’s not just challenging, but promising at the same time to play with so many colors and lighting. It might seem easier, but certainly it is not. If we look at the work of any wedding photography company and try to understand the mathematics of the entire elements one can easily understand that it takes good amount of time not just to understand the entire game but to play it also.


Wedding Photography has increased its boundary and is no more restricted just to event and occasion shoot. The fashion has always played a crucial role in wedding and wedding photography. Today, people and brands are all up for wedding trends shoot and that too involves the key players of wedding photography. For this matter too Wedding Twinkles have been a key player and with magazines and brands they have conceptualized shoots that talk of fat Indian weddings. From Qilas of Rajasthan to Forts of Hyderabad, the royal Indian heritage has been clearly showcased in the shoots by Wedding Twinkle.



Portrayal of human emotions has found a special mention in wedding photography and Wedding Twinkles has given it a new life with its experimentation. As it is said, doing different things might not assure you success and fame but doing thins different could. Same goes with institutions like Wedding Twinkle who have not just raised the bar by sticking to the basics of wedding photography but have also revamped it according to contemporary world to suit the needs of modern society.


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