This Wedding Gown Has Been Pinned More Than Your Instagram Fans and It’s a Bomb

While wedding gowns have always been a craze with women abroad, in India it wasn’t really a thing until recently. These gorgeous gowns started piquing the interest of Indian women when in 1998 Malaika Arora Khan stepped out in a beautiful Wendell Rodricks gown for her wedding and then years later Lara Dutta did the same for a beautiful ceremony in Goa. Today, things have changed and with celebrities happily posing for pre-wedding photoshoots and flaunting it on the red carpet. Yes! We spotted Amy Jackson wearing one at a public appearance. Suddenly, everyone’s talking about them, be it the slinky lace gown, a boho chic or a good old vintage one. So it’s no surprise that this wedding dress by Grace Loves Lace is taking the Internet by storm, especially Pinterest.

Users of the photo-sharing site are going crazy pinning the gorgeous Hollie 2.0 design. At present, it’s got more than 2.5 million pins and we think it’s definitely worth the hype. It’s unlike any other wedding gown we have seen! Soft yet bold, it’s got a gorgeous cut and fall and since it’s also breezy and flowy, it’s perfect for a summer or monsoon wedding.

Now, more about this crazily popular wedding gown. It’s all about chiffon and stretch lace that features a sultry slit in the front. Chiffon sheaths are attached to the shoulders that flow backwards and there’s more chiffon flowing from the waist. Oh wow, so grand! But there’s a choice for brides who want to keep it simple too. The gown features a back loop from which the silk fabric can be draped through.

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