Ways to Boost your Immune System

It’s the wet moist and cool Spring season in and around Delhi, and while that means most people start discarding their sweaters and jackets a little too early, only to be afflicted by the Common Cold, or the Flu.

For also at this time of the  year, thanks to the moisture and the coll climate the Flu or the common cold caused by RhinoViruses spreads rapidly causing symptoms like Sore Throat, Nose Stuffiness (like sinusitis, congestion) sneezing, fever and mild headaches. While some of these symptoms of the RhinoVirus are almost identical to the Coronavirus, its in the secondary infections that the difference lies, as the Coronavirus complications including causing Bronchitis by secondary bacteria plus the 2 % mortality rate. While both have no known cure, we all know too well proven remedies like hot broths like Chicken Soup work by boosting your immune system.

So the cure may well lie in Boosting your Immune system, and here I bring to your attention a few easy and common methods of boosting you immunity.

1: First off, Start by Kilning your Stress levels: No matter how low or high up the Echelon you are , relax and make your self, snug, warm, cozy and comfortable. Forget that Monday morning deadline, kill stress by relaxing at home or make your workplace comfortable by extra padding and cushions. Ask for convalescence leave and prioritize your health and wellbeing first. Not only will you help your self, you will also avoid risking infecting others through cough and sneeze droplets. Chronic Stress has a proven negative impact on immunity.

2: Boost your antioxidant diets: Ofcourse first and foremost to boost your immunity, and relieve cough, are lemon, chicken soup and honey, in combination always relieves the symptoms. But you can also supplement your diet by eating rich antioxidant diets like Red Kidney Beans, Cabbage , Kale, Carrots, Pinto beans, Broccoli, and Dark Chocolate. So add these to your menu, NOW!

3: Exercise: Working out even moderately mobilizes your T Cells, a type of White Blood Cells, that will ultimately boost immunity.

4: Vitamin C boosters: So add Oranges, Plums, Lemon Juices and Kiwi to boost those WBCs!

Do you know have ideas to boost immunity?

Let us know in the comments below! Thank you and stay fit and fine!

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