Vero Moda Launches New Collection and It’s bright as a Sunshine

Dressing up in the winters is a problem, don’t you agree? With multiple layering to beat the cold you lose out on the fashion front. But more than that it’s the hues of the season – black and grey – that acts as the culprit.

We know the chilly cold is a long time away and probably you are wondering why are we even talking about it. Well, Vero Moda is out with its Autumn/ Winter collection and it’s bright as the summer sun.

Giving fashionistas enough time to prep, the Harvest Gold collection is a mix of dresses, tees, jackets and scarves. You can take your pick from pale lemon hues, canary bright and buttery tones. The best part about these hues are thartt you can pair them up with darker tones to balance your look.

This is not the first time that the clothing house has come up with a fun collection. Earlier this year, Vero Moda launched the Renaissance Fun Collection which was inspired by the art, culture and architecture developed during the Renaissance. The collection was a reinterpretation of the celebrated revival era and had a young and contemporary take on the fashion and trends seen amongst the Royals of the 14th century. Colours like pink and black dominated but there were other colours too such as aslilac, dust, purple, forest green, mauve and blue that lent a beautiful contrast to the stark prints and innovative cuts.

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