Unraveling the mystery of moles

It may come as a surprise to learn that there is more to moles than meets the eye. A normal mole may be little more than an ignorable dark patch of skin to some. For others, moles are cause for distraction, either because they are highly visible on the face or rub uncomfortably against clothing.


The ancient Chinese people believed that there is some energy in our body which is active and creates a mole or spot that says a lot about our character and destiny. In this write-up, we will acquaint you about the meaning of the spots or moles on particular body sections. It is an interesting way to assess what each beauty spot reveals about your character or destiny. So, let’s take a look here.

In the middle of the forehead: Moles on the middle of the forehead is believed to be the sign of superiority and egoistic nature. You are the kind of person who often face disagreements with superior authorities and find yourself trapped in a hierarchical organization. You crave for space, attention and respect.

Right or left side of forehead: You define all possibilities of zealous and spirited individuals bubbling with ideas, thoughts and willing to take action at the earliest.

Eyebrows: Beauty spot beneath your eyebrows signify affluence and abundance of wealth and riches in life. You shall always live a flamboyant and materialistic life. The spot above the eyebrows suggest that you will work hard to have a regular supply of money.

Eyelids: If you have the mark beneath the eyelid, you might go through obstacles in the personal life due to inadequate finances. The mark above the eyelid signifies that you are truly emotional and gets carried away by mere drama of emotion and sentiments.

Cheeks: You will have to face issues starting and settling your own family if you have a mark on your cheek because you might be a lonely solitary person in search of truth and meaning of life. The spot near the nose is a sign of distress. But, worry not, we know you will get through the dark phase.

Ears: This symbolize that you are a truly genuine and nice person. If you have a mark inside the ear, it means you have a long life and marks on both ears symbolize that you endow an influential personality.

Nose: The spot on the top of the nose is a sign of relationship instability and issues in love life. The spot on the ‘bridge’ of the nose signifies bad luck and if you are good at juggling with money and tasks, we bet you have the mole at the side of your nose. Woah!

Chin: You are passionate for travel and everything related to exploration excites you. Also, you are headstrong and stable person.

Lips: You belong to the privileged family background if you have a mole on the upper lip while you shall become successful in the later stage of life if there is a mole on your lower lip.

Neck: Moles on the neck are believed to be a passage of the spiritual world to the physical world as it creates a huge influx of energy throughout your body. If you happen to have a mole on your neck, it proves you have a wild side and always a step ahead than others. We’re rolling eyes.

Hands: It is considered that people having moles on hands are quite emotional and melodramatic. Well, we love that (not completely)

Chest: Moles on the belly are considered to be quite lucky and indicate prosperous happy life ahead. This makes us happy too.

Palms: Well, this one is common but you will be adept at creative arena and shall earn money through hard work and persistence.

Legs: Uhm.. you have a god sexual life and shall always live in the rich indulgence of wealth and happiness throughout.

Feet: We salute you guys. You are great leaders wherever you work and are forward looking. You are willing to make substantive changes to help make the world a better place.

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