Your ultimate Rejuvenation Destination: Myrah Spa

spaWith the mercury rising and killing us with the unbearable humidity and sweltering summer rays, it becomes absolutely troublesome to get out in the daytime sunshine. Of course, the pay bills and work pressure is something we all relate to and it goes unsaid that we all face stress in one way or another. But, worry not for the luxury wellness and beauty treatments are just a click away. Myrah Spa, the Royal Aura of Divine Wellness presents a plethora of body care treatments to cater to the outer wellbeing of individuals which is equally important as the inner state of calm.


This season, all you need to do is book an appointment at Myrah for a complete relaxation and to uplift your weary soul. Here are some of the amazing treatments that we recommend you to try at least once and we bet you will always come again.

Relaxing Fruit Scrub

Fresh aromatic flower petals are used in this polish. It helps moisturize the skin and is effective incalming and cooling your body.

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: INR 5400

White Moon Facial


A radiant look is the real secret of health and therefore youthful skin. Maintaining it as long as possible helps to keep the signs of age at bay. A global action that leaves the skin radiant with even colouring.

Duration– 55 mins

Cost– INR 4250/-

Lime Vitamin C Facial

Free radicals, external or internal, are highly reactive molecules that attack and oxidize skin structures, altering them and reducing their function; the first consequence is a reduction in tissue activity. The skin undergoes attack from both types, turning dull and ageing prematurely.

Duration– 75 mins

Cost– INR 5500/-

Hydrating Rose


Our Myrah Aromatic Rose envelopments draws upon the potent properties of different alpha-hydroxyacids and Hyaluronic acids to help peeling of dead cells and help regeneration of new ones. It helps to calm the mind and deeply hydrate your skin giving it a more uniform and smooth tone.

Duration– 90 mins

Cost– INR 5400/-

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