It’s the power of fashion, fun, style, art and intelligence.  Everything lies with human needs and aspirations. Breaking the boundaries of age and experience, the colorful sensibilities from the world of Fashion, Art and Culture is going to be your cohort with ‘Triple Treat’





Owner/Designer: Rikki Kher

Genre: Menswear

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Inspired to create finely tailored menswear brand, KARDO is a must-have label for men who prefer to have content wardrobe.  Launched in 2013, this premium brand makes each shirt from the finest fabric and has hand stitching detailing, that makes every piece unique in itself. With expert tailoring skill and minute eyes for superior detailing, this menswear label is well known for its smaller details and peculiar design inspiration.  In addition to apparel, their accessories range of duffel and travel bags in soft leather makes it a complete destination for fashion conscious men.  In a nutshell, KARDO is an amalgamation of modern aesthetics, meticulous detailing and par excellence craftsmanship that crafts timeless clothing trend through onexone system that involves skill and time.


Who: Desi Hangover

Owner/Designer: Genre: Footwear

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An idea can change your life. And when the idea is about the welfare of society, it becomes more significant.  Desi Hangover is a footwear brand that aims at transforming schools, education and lives.  Designed and developed by young entrepreneurs, Desi Hangover works with a twin motive of promoting Indian art and craft and simultaneously re-shapes lives of underprivileged children. Desi Hangover is rewriting the rules of business and is working towards a long term sustainable change that will empower, enable and encourage the young India. Scrupulously engineered Indian footwear of Desi Hangover is a reflection of comfort and creativity with a soul of nobility.


Who: Manjeet Tattooz

Owner/Designer: Manjeet Singh

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Self-taught tattoo artist Manjeet Singh started tattooing in 2007 and in no time shoot to international fame with his unique art that involves color and realism. This Delhi based tattoo artist owns a studio called Manjeet Tattooz. An artist at heart, Manjeet has served the art industry for 19 years with his portrait art and a clear reflection of it can be seen in his art of tattooing. Earlier Manjeet had also worked as banner line artist and gradually started painting banners for Bollywood movies. In 2012, Manjeet won the award for Best Portrait Tattoo in India’s 2nd International Tattoo Convention. Vivid imagination and a keen observation of day-today life drive Manjeet’s creative line with deep influences from Sikh religion. With a long list of clients in India and abroad, for Manjeet, every single line drawn on skin is a new learning experience in itself.

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