Trending: Khadi Yoga wear takes a toll on the market

The Khadi & Village Industries Commission has launched Yogasutra, a range of clothes and mats made in Khadi to be used while performing yoga exercises.1.1

Launched first in Gujarat, the yoga wear has been introduced in collaboration with Moral Fibre Fabrics, an Ahmedabad based company that manufactures Eco-friendly and trendy garments in Khadi.

Speaking on the occasion, Sanjay Hedaoo, director of KVIC Gujarat, said, “KVIC is always keen to promote Khadi through it’s wide usages. With a growing demand and practice of yoga across the world, Prime Minister Modi has decided to launch an easy, breathable and comfortable fabric for yoga activewear to increase the stamina and inculcate interest amongst the leftover people.1.2

Modi’s special interest to promote Khadi Yoga wear is considered to be more meaningful and shall add the substantial contribution of Khadi & Village Industries Commission in the promotion of Yoga for it’s upcoming International Yoga Day on June 21.

The Khadi yoga wear collection will be available at KVIC Bhavans across Gujarat, including in Gujarat Vidyapith ahead of the International Yoga Day. The collection includes unisex yoga wear tops and bottoms. A gamchha napkin and a mat will also be available.1.3

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