Top Winter Excursions on your Winter Travel Bucket List

So its that time of the year, a New Year is upon us and there are some
amongst us who just want to cozy up to a quilt all warm and snug in
the brumal winds hitting Delhi, and then, there are those amongst us,
for whom the cold winter frozen spell is just the reason to get going
and get to high places far and wide from Japan’s Hot winter Spas in
Hokkaido, to excursion trips in Uttrakhand just a few hours from

The Kiroro, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Hokkaido
Hokkaido, Japan

So if Hokkaido Japan’s beyond your budget this year, fret not, for
although there are no spas in  the frozen Himalayas you can get twice
the fun sking down a frozen river brook in a Chadar Trek 2020, near
Ladakh for just INR 20,000.

Chadar Trek

And at half that cost, you can Travel to Winter Kuari pass trek for 6
days 5 nights at INR 10,000 per person in Chamoli, Uttrakhand.
If you wan avoid snow surfing altogther, its as easy as INR 8200  for
a Valley of Flowers Trek in Uttranchal.

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand
Kuari Pass Trek

There are similar price treks in the Himalayas in Laddakh, Sikkim and Haridwar.

So get your backpack ready, pile on the thermals, get set and go!

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