Things Women want to ask Men before they get laid

Women share an eternal bond with the man they get laid for the very first time. There are several questions popping in every girl’s mind as they get ready to sleep. Why do you think most girls are jumpy and giggly before the big night? Yes, it’s because they are totally expecting things to take an interesting turn that night, but it’s also because there are too many questions flooding their heads. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little valuable information about guys, before getting um, up close and personal with them? Here are a few questions all girls want to ask their boys before having sex with them – but end up not asking, for the sake of being polite!

How many different women have you slept with in your life?



Quite a common concern amongst the ladies is to be inquisitive. Well, it all depends upon the right kind of experience one has for.

Did you ever have sex with someone and get ghosted for?



So, let’s be clear and talk it out about that one crazy thing this guy ever did. After all, you need to pull your socks and get ready for an amazing experience or an unbelievable one!

Are you that kind of man who rates the experience every single time you have sex?



Well, we would certainly mind that. If you can’t perform well, we don’t judge ya, do we?

Do you clean and prim yourself, umm down there?


Coz we wish you do! Don’t you think about the same as well?

Are you looking for pure pleasure in bed?



Let’s talk straight outta bed and make things crystal clear to avoid complication later. We want the same selfish act to get us going too!

What is that one thing that makes you turn on?



Is it the perfume we wear or wet hair or just anything! We’re all ears.

Are you someone who flaunts his sexual exploits and adventures amongst the men clad?



For if you’re into that kinda stuff, we’re not interested to be a part of your sex quest. Thank you very much!

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