Things you learn when You Live-In with your partner

With the concept of living-in gathering mixed responses from the people, our society ain’t too comfortable to see two individuals in love to stay together without any wedding ritual. Well, but we won’t evoke any debates here. This is our take on the couples who decide to go off way and live together to know each other in a better way. This is one of the best ways to assess physical, mental and emotional bond of a couple which lets them make a firm decision on being together for a lifetime or not(due to rising divorce cases these days) And with a lot of support, love and comfort comes a great deal of hardships too, let’s see what are the things you learn when ‘living-in’ with your partner.

Share the load


Right from sharing the room, cleaning the house, washing dishes, buying groceries and cleaning your clothes, living in brings with it a lot of adjustments and responsibilities. Things that you never bothered about at home would now be a major concern. In fact, most of your weekends would now be booked for sorting things out and looking after managing the home.

Taking shower together?


Living together makes us understand a lot about each other’s personal hygiene and habits. More than understanding, you actually become more comfortable and understanding towards each other’s hygiene related problems. You feel more confident sharing your problems with them, no matter how awkward you felt initially.

A small world


The moment you decide to move in with your partner, not just does your life change, but how you are going to be perceived by her family and friends too changes. Same goes for your family. So when either of your families or friends pay a visit, you become more accommodating. To be honest, somewhere your compatibility also depends on how you guys behave around each other’s friends and families.

What’s yours is mine!


By sharing, we don’t mean only sharing cupboards, rooms or bathrooms. Your favourite T-shirt will become your girlfriend’s favourite too and you will see her wearing that a lot. Sometimes, it might annoy you when you run out of clothes, but the best part is that you won’t complain about it. In fact, you will secretly smile at the fact that how beautiful she looks in your boxers and t-shirt.

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