The Dawn of New Era – Editorial Issue 4


This issue of GnG’s Editorial page is all about the power woman. The woman who is not afraid to be her raw, edgy self. The woman who is strong, doesn’t fear breaking boundaries for her success and will go to leaps and bounds for her own good.


Women today are subject to abuse like a daily routine; the range of abuse may vary, but ask around and you can be sure that every woman you know, has been through some unpleasant memory. A memory she still cannot speak about, a memory that was life threatening, a memory that haunts her every night she goes to bed.


These photographs represent the dawn of a new era, where the woman who’s become an object is making an attempt to identify herself. This year is all about loving yourself, experiencing freedom, and learning to become strong.


Hoping you have begun yourself with a new year resolution that’s helping you become the woman hundreds would look upto. Have a great year ahead.

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