Taste the luxury with Neetu Arora

Witty, thoughtful and zealous are some adjectives that describe the versatile interior designer from Delhi. Ms. Neetu Arora, a graduate of the Mount Carmel College, Bangalore is a self taught designer who learnt the art through sheer passion and practice. Love for designing and pure dedication created in her a design genius.



Neetu’s designs are distinctive and take you out of the confines of time. Her aura of design revolves around luxury, comfort and style. She has a unique sense  of blending  traditional styles of décor with the modern western ones to create mesmerising patterns.  With a refined use of art, patterns, textures and sophisticated color pallatte, aided by the usage of magnificent objects, she regularly creates opulent statement peices.


Inspired by her experiences through frequent international travels, regular interactions with international designers, and a deep understanding of style and class, her designs are just eclectic. She looks after the entire conceptualisation of the space and product designs for her clients. Product designing for her is to produce assorted yet eye catching pieces. Furthermore, taking care of the minute details of her products and space designs is embedded in her disposition.


With plans to launch her own line of furniture internationally, the lady is all set to hit the international markets running. She plans to design the continental way, with a pinch of Indian-ness when she goes to work for her international clients.


An avid reader and an ardent traveller, she loves to know about different cultures and finds it intriguing. Fiction lover and an admirer of the author Dan Brown, she religiously believes in the life philosophy of “Live and let live”.


In a world where the client needs change often, she is a designer who can deliver the flavour of today.

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