Supermodel Gigi Hadid poses nude on a horse and feels totally comfortable

1Victoria’s Secret’ angel Gigi Hadid once again debuts her flawless body in a bold photo shoot for the December issue of Allure magazine. The 21-year-old supermodel not only gives herself the freedom of posing completely nude on the back of a black horse, but she also allows readers the opportunity to see a bit into her private life.

“She beams. She mounts him [the horse] and guides him easily. At one point, lying naked on his glossy bare back, Hadid looks as comfortable and happy as if she were lying in her own bed,” read the magazine article.


Hadid told Allure, “I always want to prove myself and to let people know I’m a good person. A lot of people don’t realize they’re typing this stuff, and that’s a lot of negative energy — regardless of whether we see it or not.”

“People just don’t realize the power of their judgment,” she expressed.

Part of her struggle with the public has been the ongoing idea that she became a successful model because she has famous parents Yolanda Hadid and Mohammed Hadid, and not because of her talent. However, the women’s beauty magazine compares the young model to ‘shapelier supermodels’ from the 1990s to justify she has all that is required of a successful person.

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