Suhani Pittie’s exclusive jewelry now available on Myntra

Adding yet another sparkle to its collection, Myntra announces the launch of an exquisite range of jewellery, crafted by the hands of celebrated jewellery designer, Suhani Pittie. Enlisted by the World Gold Council as the top 10 most inventive and ingenious jewellery designers in the world, Suhani Pitttie is known for her design philosophy that is inspired by Indian history, art and culture.

Launching on Myntra would be an exclusive range of boutique jewellery called Dooi, an interpretation of the Bengali word, Dui, meaning numeric two which marks the next chapter and decade of the Suhani Pittie label. It kicks off with three collections inspired by Kolkata, renowned for its spirited culture and taps into the mystique and nostalgia surrounding old Bengali houses. The idea behind the collections is to make a physical and emotional connect between intricately crafted metal and visuals from a beautiful place forgotten.

The first collection, Khancha, meaning a mesh-like surface, carries jewellery with molded grill patterns and coloured perspex. The core design of these pieces is reminiscent of the grilled windows with stained glass from the old homes. The second collection, Aakaar, meaning shape, showcases jewellery in varied patterns like spheres and curves, representing the many architectural elements associated with these archaic homes.

Alpana, a beautifully painted motif made on auspicious occasions, is an apt portrayal of the culture & ethos of a Bengali home. This collection translates these traditional patterns onto modern acrylic for a great effect, accompanied by colored crystals and stones. This new collection is available on Myntra at a price point of Rupees 1,700 to Rupees 5,300.

Speaking on the occasion, Gunjan Soni, CMO and Head, International Brands Business, Myntra, said, “Suhani Pittie is an outstanding professional with spectacular achievements and is one among the few designers with an inherent talent for crafting metals. Myntra’s association with her marks an epoch as we make available a stunning collection of traditional and handcrafted jewellery to the young and fashion conscious in India.”

Commenting on the association with Myntra, noted jewellery designer, Suhani Pittie said, “We are very excited about our collaboration with Myntra, a leader in Indian online fashion space. With our first-ever pret line, Dooi, we’ve created handcrafted jewellery which is a true blend of luxury, beauty and affordability, the very guiding DNA of our brand. Beautiful emotions transcend into stunning metalwork, all to bring the Suhani Pittie ‘X’ factor to your doorstep.”

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