Stylists Speak: Top Tricks to look Taller

We at GNG adore fashion and therefore also carry a heart for the petite girls. Oh yes, we know the daily struggles to feel and appear taller than they actually are. But no worries, we say, all you need to do is follow these easy tricks and voila, you’re all set to surprise’em.  Just in case you were wondering all this time about how to create such an illusion, we got you the solution! Our stylists tell you how :

V Neck Blouses


These blouses and sweaters open the neck and make the whole body look more elongated and tall. Unlike turtlenecks, which visually cut your silhouette, a V-neck is what you really need. A cowl neck shirt may also be a good choice if the fabric’s lightweight enough and doesn’t make the neck look heavier.

Long Slits


A slit looks great both with high-heeled and flat shoes. Remember this simple rule: a skirt from lightweight fabric looks wonderful with a long slit, but it’s better to be careful with heavy fabric so as not to distort the silhouette. Pay attention to skirts and dresses with side slits, because they suit everyone and they’ve never been more trendy.

Flared Pants


This tailoring is worth trying on for both tall ladies and delicate petites. These pants fantastically elongate your legs, and they also look great both as a casual and an evening outfit if you wear a beautiful blouse and accessories with them. Remember that if you have a slender physique, you can wear both wide-leg pants as well as those where the flare starts at the knee. If you have a curvy body, you should go with the knee flare.

Maxi with Crop Top


A perfect look for going out. Maxi skirts and crop tops go together very well, making a silhouette that is graceful and slim. Remember that it’s better to be attentive when choosing fabric for this look. Light and heavy fabric will look great both for an evening and casual style, but a thin jersey can be your enemy.

Vertical Lines


A vertical stripe can be a godsend for anyone who wants to look taller: it elongates the whole silhouette and visually adds a couple of centimeters of height. The stripes may be of various colors and thickness. Remember that this print has its own rules on how to wear it: no more than 2-3 colors on one piece of clothing. And yes, stripes look amazing on heavy thick fabric for a business outfit.

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