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Most men in Bollywood tend to stick to a rather risk-free formula when it comes to their wardrobes, whether it’s blue jeans and t-shirts or just a plain black tux. But there are some that manage to break the mould of a typical Bollywood hero when it comes to their wardrobes, whether it’s clashing prints or wearing unconventionally coloured tuxedos.


To help break you out of your wardrobe rut, take a leaf out of our most stylish.

Clash prints like Ranveer Singh


He may have been ridiculed for his style when he first broke out on the scene. But his ability to laugh at himself, and the fact that he pulls off whatever he wears with such perfect nonchalance makes him the most stylish actor in Bollywood today.


Tip: Not everyone has the penchant for prints like Ranveer Singh, but there’s no reason you can’t adopt the style, albeit subtly. Incorporate prints through separates in an otherwise solid coloured ensemble.

Causal in #sneakers like Shahid Kapoor


If Alia Bhatt is the poster girl for sneaker loving girls, Shahid Kapoor is that for the boys. And hey, he needs those in case he decides to break into a full split.


Tip: Thanks to the massive surge sneakers have seen in the fashion industry, you can literally get away with wearing them with anything. Experiment with them. Try different colours. Mix them with ethnic, formal and casual. Experiment and break all your fashion rules and mix them with ethnic, formal and casual.

Effortlessly stylish in t-shirts and jackets like Arjun Kapoor


Arjun is not much to fuss over his appearance. The #IWokeUpLikeThis Kapoor is all about the tees and casual jackets, and just out of the bed hair. Refreshing change from how much effort his some of his family (*cough Sonam Kapoor cough*) have been known to put into theirs.


Tip: If you don’t want to invest in too many jackets, just build up a collection of graphic and coloured tees. They are lighter on your pocket and massively functional.

Suit up like Fawad Khan


Oh, how this man pulls off a suit. Or anything else for that matter. Whether he is going all out black-tie in a tux, or suiting up for the day in linen pants and a casual jacket, he channels a certain je ne sais quoi that Pakistani men possess.


Tip: If formal wear seems daunting, incorporate parts of it, whether it’s a jacket thrown over an otherwise casual ensemble or trousers with a t-shirt

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