Strokes of Art (Beauty)

Chilly winters are a perfect escape plan from scorching sweaty summers and blazing loo messing up the exquisite art of painting our blank faces with expensive makeup. Hurts. Not anymore. Oh yes, it’s that time of the year again, festivity and celebration in the air gives us just another reason to doll up. Glam & Glaze gives you just the right amount of drama to add in your vanity case and take your game to another level.

Copper Penny Lids

Ditch them basic blacks and blues, embrace bronze or copper for a change to illuminate the most appealing part of your face: eyes. Winters are the best time to experiment with your facial features and adding a little drama never hurts nobody. Swipe smart your eyes with generous stroke of copper shadow and voila, hit the street like a queen.

Modern Gothic

Deep, dark and dramatic hues are still in vogue. The berry-like mouths are not going anywhere and the most striking of all are the lacquered black-cherry pouts. Don’t believe us? This lip color was dominating the Marc Jacobs ramp and perfectly defines the ‘don’t mess with me, I’ll kick your ass’ look.

Glitter Bomb

Glitter is definitely for grown-ups : if only kids could master the sophisticated ways in which it showed up on the runways. Glitter was pretty fun when used as a brow liner on the Giambattista Valli show though, really offsetting the clear look of the face and arching up the brows in their natural state even more than average.

Radiant Face

Highlighters, shimmering toners, twinkling bases and golden eyeshadow are enough to bring out this particular beauty look with an especially lovely façade. We see it paired with gothic berry lips at Marni, a somehow caked on complexion at Balmain, and some really wet hair in a bun over a fresh face and untouched lips at Valentino.

Smoking Appeal

Smokey eyes have long been the trend used for seduction. They show off the orbs within while appearing quite appealing in their sexy manner. Add wings at the ends of the smokey look, while bleaching out the brows in order to redraw the facial sculpture.

Go Graphic

There are the smokey looks that have their own category and then there are the thick liners with the winged ends and rather intriguing finishing, clean in general, without added smudges.

Lash Out

Adding super-long and thick faux eyelashes can change a whole lot about your look, even if you decide to go out completely bare-faced. Flaunt them simple black lashes or the one with an outburst of color using colored mascara.

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