How steamy is your married life?

Marriage has an aspect of building a unique connection and level of familiarity with your soulmate. And this calls for comfort in the bedroom, as it may cause problems. Before you’re married, your sex life has little competition in your relationship, but after marriage it plays a crucial role.

Here, tips for keeping things hot long for the new couples.

Talk Sex


For an arranged marriage it might be a taboo but for love marriages it is very casual. It is always suggested to break the ice with casual chat with your partner, but after a point it is necessary to talk sex, as it breaks the intimacy ice and moreover it is one of the physical need that every human needs. So don’t hesitate, start talking.

Hold It



Generally after marriage couples tend to become less lovey-dovey and more complacent as you sit side by side, tapping away on your laptops, rather than holding hands or hugging. It is suggested to emphasizes the importance of having as much physical contact as possible on a daily basis

Priority List


In love marriage, life gets busy with daily routines and your To Do list gets more crowded. In all this sex and intimacy takes a back seat. It is taken for granted and slowly it loses its attention in priority list of life.  For example, take a shower together each morning or go to bed half an hour earlier. This will keep the intimacy intact and feeling for each other too.



To keep your libido going strong, learn about your sexuality. Figure out how and where you like to be touched and how to communicate that to your partner. The idea behind this exploration is to discover yourself. Because the more pleasurable sex is for you, the more you’ll want it.”



It is necessary to add fun and experimentation elements in newly married life. Though, that doesn’t mean to cross the line, but introduction of sex toys, role-play and new positions can make it experimental and keep the line in correct position.

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