Splurge your Fist Salary like a Boss

First salaries are, unarguably, special. Granted, it’s your first job that is always counted as the primary milestone, but it isn’t until the first paycheck arrives that you feel as if your hard work and dedication paid off, literally. Your account doesn’t look like it’s starving and wasting away, and you can actually spend money on the things that you were only bookmarking up until now. Here are 9 things that you should definitely spend your first salary on:

Netflix and Chill


People who moved to a new city for their jobs and are living on their own will agree: Netflix is the best friend anyone can ask for. For a minimal monthly fee, you can gain access to thousands of movies and TV shows. And dinner doesn’t sound so bad when it’s a date with your favorite actor, right?

Suit Up


Ain’t Barney Stinson gave you major suit up goals in ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Invest in a good formal suit for your important board meetings and fancy official parties. Not only will this give you a brilliant sharp avatar but also a complete transition from god old college days.



Let’s be clear: you always wanted to go for a road trip to a faraway place. So, this is your time. Book your tickets and pack your bags for a solo trip. You shall collect a lot of good memories and make some amazing friends on your way too.

Present for parents


Show your adorable parents who have been through the thick and thin of your life and always acted a pillar of strength and support. Buy a gift they always longed for and surprise them with a cute love note. They will always cherish it, we bet.

Shop till you drop


Zara, Aldo, Mango or Loius Vuitton you always wanted to raid that. This is your time, go get a high on your favorite fashion labels and flaunt your trendy styles. Don’t forget to fill your tummies with succulent dishes.

Invest Now7

We know what you’re thinking. ‘Investing already? But I’ve only just started earning!’ But the truth is that funds are a two-way commodity. If you have an inflow, there will be an outflow. That’s why the best time to invest in a ‘Good EMI’ is now. It will help you put away a few grand each month to make your life easier without letting you worry about savings all the time.


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