This Spanish artist is crafting stretch marks and periods into rainbow art

Meet Cinta Tort Cartró, an artist based in Spain who is using vibrant rainbow colours and glitters to celebrates women’s stretch marks by inking over them. Not just stretch marks, scars, small breasts, big breasts and love handles are also on her list.

The 21-year-old is using her work to “help educate people about feminism and raise awareness about pervasive racism”. For her, it all started as a form of expression, but swiftly it turned into social commentary of the male-dominated culture. The idea behind this creativity was to creatively oppose the on-going trend where women are questioned about every single thing.

She shared several photos of her work on her Instagram account and in one of the posts Cartró has said, “Each of us is different and, at the same time, each body is one way or another and has its own essence and energy. There are many types of bodies, just as there are many types of stretch marks.”
She is running a photo series on social media under the hashtag #manchoynomedoyasco, which in English means “I stain myself, and I’m not grossed out by it”.
All she wants is women should be looked with equal eyes and we as human should understand that each one of us is beautiful inside.

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