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Namaskar!!! Welcome to The Imperial Spa..how can I help You? This was the first thing we heard, the moment we entered into the opulent ‘Imperial Spa’ of The Hotel Imperial, after walking through the lovely glass enclosure in the hotel’s landscaped garden with wide curving marble stairs descending down to a subterranean reception lounge.

The moment we stepped down the stairs, the lobby gave us a feel of being in a health space with historical monochromic giant photographs all framed in a royal and ethnic look. As we entered into the reception lounge, first thing we noticed near the water space was a well decorated copper platter with lord Ganesha and metallic diya, and it gave us a warmth of being in the lord’s land. It felt like we were standing in a timeless treat with its Indian architecture details and white base. Painted in all white, the space is a well crafted destination, defining the Mughal era with graceful arches in the hallways, exquisite Pietra Dura work on marble and mirror-work on the walls and ceilings. Poems and phrases from the works of Sufi saints adorn the walls and make for an interesting read as one passes down the hallway to the spa rooms. A few Buddha busts, Thangkas and wall hangings give the place an eclectic yet soothingly elegant feel.

Clad in a bespoke cotton white long kurta with red Pietra Dura art work on the back, clubbed with a cotton trouser, Rakesh Kesri was our guide to the Sufi and Mughal aura and soon we were acquainted that he was a trained massager with all cricket celebs as his clients. And after that, it was the moment we were poured into the sensation of vibrant spa treatments.


The magnificent space has seven individual international spa rooms, with optional facility of opposite sex massager. Apart from this the ethnic Kerala Ayurvedic Suite has two rooms dedicated to both the genders with same gender massagers. The dark rooms are well designed with personalised changing room and washroom for the comfort of the visitors. The most exciting and enthralling part of the place is the ‘Moghul Suite’, where couples can get massage or one can have a private day treat to relax from the hectic schedule of life. The royal suite is large enough to have a private shower room, a couple of massage tables, pedicure chairs with striking feet-soaking tubs, a couch to lounge in and even a sauna and steam room along with salon facility. The domed ceiling with intricate mirror-work makes it a royal place to relax and indulge yourself in a personalised choice of treatments and rituals which will truly turn you as gorgeous as the place is.


As we moved out of the Kerala Suite and were reading the Sufi lines of Kabir, we saw a small room and were surprised!!! It was the Ayurvedic doctor’s place. You might be wondering what we are talking about. But yes, the most satisfying and interesting part of the entire day was the moment ‘to know your inner self’. The Ayurvedic doctors in the spa are not to solve your day today health issues, but they are for above what we can think of.  They treat your ‘inner self’. It’s a technique applied to study the human body, where they analyse the human emotion quotient, anger, happiness and other factors that are make us healthy and beautiful inside.


As the space is well crafted with Indian designs and motifs, so are the relaxing spaces. The relaxing lounge gives you the feel of relaxing at your own space with elongated lounge set-up and magazines on the side to engage yourself and enrich your knowledge on health and beauty. The most rejuvenating was the herbal tea and special health drink we were served with. Not to a surprise, the beverages too had an Indian flavour.


As we walked through the extended section of the lounge, we were expecting something sporty as the monochromic picturesque was reflecting the sports personality at their best. And yes, we walked down the Health and Racquet Club area with polished mirror on the front wall, and we realised, Oops!!! We were not in the dress code for the place. Nevertheless, in a moment the thought took away and we were very much in space with full energy, as we were introduced to the facilities available, which include, squash court, pilates, kinesis, techno gym, yoga classes, pool and jacuzzi.


Hobby horsed by the Director of Imperial Spa along with a trained team of approx. 30 professionals from India and abroad, makes it a luxurious experience that can pour you in a world class Ayurvedic and Holistic health & spa treatment.  We suggest you to start your experience with the personal training session, followed by fitness and yoga. Don’t forget to consult the Ayurvedic doctor to know your ‘inner self’ before experiencing a personalised Ayurvedic session. Enjoy the exclusive health beverages served by the team and give your day a perfect end with an extensive SPA treatment (choose the package as you desire or as the therapist suggests). And here you are ready to mount the healthy life with a healthy mind.


Address: The Imperial, Janpath, New Delhi

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