So much to do with cufflinks.

Are accessories only for women? We all know there are plenty of jewelries for women- starting from earrings to neckpieces, bangles to anklets, Head gears to body chains and so on. Whereas men’s jewelry mainly consists of a wedding ring, a classy watch, a quality pen and cufflinks. Cufflinks rock! Why do you want to make your shirt look so boring? Small Things always make a big difference. Cufflinks are mainly associated with men’s semi-formal wear. These come in different shapes and size- oval, square, circular, diamonds, metallic, stone studded and many more. Make your outfit look more vibrant and classy with an amazing pair of cufflinks. As we all know cufflinks should be worn with shirts with double cuffs. This is also known as French cuffs which the French themselves call musketeers cuffs.

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Shirts and cufflinks go hand in hand. If you are decked up wearing a suit then cufflinks are the perfect option for you. Not on jeans. However many guys, Casanovas in the nightclubs and young professionals do wear double cufflinks shirts on denims. Many believe that you shouldn’t go wear cufflinks if you are above 30, where as this is a wrong concept. Be comfortable and style up yourself the way you like and want it. Enjoy yourself, experiment with the weirdest fashion and make a new style statement always.

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Why would someone wear cufflinks? Well, this totally depends on an individual’s liking and interest. It is even believed that women find men wearing cufflinks sexy. So guys what are you waiting for? Do not forget to wear a cufflink next time you go out for a date!

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