Why Sleeping nude is the Best Therapy you Ever Need

Put on your birthday suit and snoooooze. What do you get when you have a good night’s sleep? You have better health, a better sex life, less chronic pain from injuries, a clearer memory, better mood, and much more.

And a new study says that, in order to get the full benefits of sleep, you should go to bed in your birthday suit. Oh yes, and we are totally trying this tonight but before jumping to our bed, take a look at these quick benefits:

You sleep better overall

Sleeping allows your brain to remove toxic proteins from your brain neurons. These toxic neurons negatively affect your ability to think and process information.

You lose weight

Keeping your body temperature cool “speeds the body’s metabolism because your body creates more brown fat to keep you warm,” which produces 300 more times heat than any of your other organs. This boosts your metabolism.

You’ll feel confident

Everybody wants to feel confident in their own skin, right? What better way to start than sleeping naked? So go ahead and give it a try tonight.

You feel less stressed

In order to avoid high levels of stress, you need proper rest, especially after a long day. And how do you get proper rest? That’s right… sleeping in the nude.



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