Simple guide to your luxury living

Who doesn’t want a beautiful house.i believe a  house is a  reflection of the owner!!the house speaks in volume about the person living in it.

In todays world of pomp and glitz anyone would want his house to be unique ,if not a masterpiece.

to make the  house standout ,if the resources permit,one would try best of architects and interior designers.but if resources are at premium,and to give a warmth to your house I would suggest

Why Not . . . Become Your Own interior designer?

It is easy in this world of technology to get required material from the web.

There are a few steps one could take for a DIY decoration:


Begin with compile a list of my own tips that u have observed   well over the years. You know a bit of , remodeling and  rearranging  of furniture ,in various rooms  or use a bit of color, or break a few decor rules , mixing up styles, arrangement, balance, , accessorizing  can give you a character to it.

Below are a few more specific suggestions that I have found great success with as I continue to create my very own simply luxurious settings
1. Mirrorsd62fbeff7471c1bd12198c8a5a7492b1
Mirrors are a wonderful way to widen up a space, add decor to a wall, the top of a shelf or above a console table. It can substitute the original artwork, which is too costly to buy. Large mirrors in unique frames can be quite a bargain and still maintain the quality of a statement piece without making the room feel cluttered.


2. Rustic


The more you get close to the nature, the more longitivity you get. This goes for the house as well.

I’ve come to appreciate the importance of rustic and natural, neutral colors when it comes to walls, window treatments, floors and ceilings.

It also makes it easier for you to change your mind when it comes to decorating.  If you have a neutral foundation, you can accessorize with unique and colorful furniture and wall decor, knowing that it is easier to change your mind when the mood strikes.

3. Light fixtures


I am a firm believer that light fixtures give the needed dramatic look to your various rooms. A spotlight in the corner of your bedroom over the sitting, can give the needed romantic look, chandelier in your drawing room can give a royal look, bring that extra element of regality Picture lights in kids room to spot out their precious work of art1





A simple P.O.P. Moulding in the ceiling is like applying blushton– It highlights the needed areas!. There are many different widths and styles, and you also can paint them whatever accent color you feel would work best in a room. , it adds that finishing touch to any room.



These do Wonders to the floor of any of your room. a rug can give warmth to your bedroom, a carpet can make your drawing room regal, a mat can make the kids room lively(you get beautiful animal figure mats )

It is like giving the final touches to makeup! It covers up any blemishes on the flooring at the same time making any room more live- in!

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