You shouldn’t get married if you haven’t done these yet.


So your professional life is little balanced and your parents are already talking about marriage. Most women will admit that they have dreamt about their wedding as a child, but we also like to live our life to the fullest and make the best of the opportunities.

Marriage will definitely put a big full stop in your single life and you will not be able to do the things you always wanted. Single life is always full of fun and excitement- it includes travelling, partying, shopping, spending the best time with your friends, meeting new people and so on. So girls what are you waiting for? You should definitely not say yes for marriage if you haven’t done these things in your life.


Travel with your best friend– Be it heart breaks or a kiss with someone, the first person you spill the beans to is your bestie. We all know how badly you both discussed about travelling together in your college days. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and travel with your best friend.


Get your dream job-You must have done a lot of odd jobs just because you don’t want to take money from your family. What you actually wanted as a career will really just be a dream? No please leave those odd jobs and get the job you always wanted. Make your passion as your profession!

Go for a road trip with your friends– Road trips are thrilling and fun. Call up your friends, make a plan and just go for a long road trip.

Live-in with your guy- You always wanted to live in with your boyfriend from your school days. So now when you are independent enough, whose permission are you waiting for? Rent a flat and just move in with him.

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Suffer from heart breaks- Heart breaks are so common in relationships these days. It just didn’t work out between you and your guy and you both had to end it mutually or he was just too bored with you and dumped you.

Travel alone- Travelling alone is fun. Just take a week off from your work, pack your bags and go for an all alone trip. This will definitely boost your confidence level very high, you will also get to meet various kinds of new people.



Take up a room and stay alone- Why staying with your friends? Take up a place and just stay alone. If you are too scared of staying alone, keep a pet. Trust me they are trustworthy and more loving than humans.

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Summer flings- Go out and party with your friends like crazy. Get drunk and have a fling. Who said having flings are bad?

Learn to cook- This was something that your school time boyfriend always wanted from you but you were too reluctant to learn cooking. Now when you are staying alone, why do you want to take

food from the local dabbawalas? This is probably the best time for you to learn cooking girl.woman-cooking-860


Face one of your biggest fears- Go crazy! Try some adventure sports. Go for skydiving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, paragliding.

Try having friends with benefits- You know he is your friend but you have a secret crush on him and want to kiss him. What are you waiting for? Break the stereotype and go with the flow.

Date around- Install a dating app in your phone and just date some random guy who looks good. Who said dating around is wrong? Nothing is wrong until you feel it is.

Have one night stand- You find him really hot but yes you do not love him. We know girl what’s in your mind! Just go with the flow.

Pamper yourself- Go for shopping, buy the best of the brands you always wanted for yourself. Look after yourself; try new hair cut, hair color, get piercings-tattoos done.

Get jobless for some time- You have been working for quite some time now and your boss really bugs you a lot. Quit your job for some time and stay back at home. It will be frustrating for some time but you will understand what comes first in your priority list.

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