Shipra Khanna : The youngest & glamorous chef ever

Shipra Khanna is a seasoned chef with a penchant for all the delicacies. She has explored various countries and their respective native and exotic cuisines.  She took Indian taste beyond borders and propagated Indian cuisine there and was, hence, honoured with “Women Chef taking taste beyond borders” award by SAARC and SCWEC in Nepal, while she represented India.



She is the winner of Master Chef India 2. Her speciality is Global cuisine, Indian, baking, Desserts and fusion food and has consulted for many restaurants in India and abroad. After winning Master Chef, she began to host her own cooking show “Kitchen Stars ka Safar” She is a Restaurateur, Chef, Consultant, Author and an Anchor for T.V shows.




Her maiden book – “The Spice Route” explores different regions and cuisines, bringing some old favourites and some new discoveries together. Published in 2014, her book talks about her journey as a chef and also display her unique art of cooking. Looking forward for her upcoming books in 2016 alongside traveling and working on her Dream book “The Spice Trail “ as she has travelled across India and the globe discovering ingredients , cuisines ,people ,their culture and varied variety of food that is available in the world.



Her show “Pure Sin” is the first and the only dessert show in India and another show called “K for Kids”, in India along with  several shows across the world that she has done !



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