See what women are using to tan their skin

When warm weather rolls around, so do unexpected self-tanning tricks. Tontouring and 3D tanning are two recent buzzy methods used to amplify skin color. But the latest “hack” in self-tanning is possibly one of the most bizarre: you can find it in the soda aisle.

Yes — women are actually using Coca-Cola to enhance their complexion. According to MTV UK, British reality stars have been seen poolside slathering their bodies in pints of the fizzy beverage as they soak up the sun’s rays. The women are clearly bronzed and glowing in appearance, but we aren’t quite convinced to douse our bodies with soda.


It seems that the women believe that in addition to being a satisfying thirst quencher, the dark tint of the beverage can act as a tanning accelerator when used on skin. There is no scientific research that support claims that using the drink on your skin is safe or effective. But we can be sure of the sticky, sugary feeling Coca-Cola leaves behind. We can’t believe that would be a pleasant sensation all over the body!

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