Say cheers to Barsys, a tech enabled robot for making bar style cocktails

Meet Akshet Tewari, an engineer, and his brainchild Barsys, an automated system for making cocktails and mixed drinks. It’s a fully automated cocktail maker designed to act as a tool for bar-tenders, enabling them to cater more customers.

In this smart machine, cocktails can easily be ordered by an app on a handheld device and the Barsys allows you to have the system be kept at home/office. It monitors the consumption patterns, pour quantities, and can notify the user for ingredients if they are running low. “The app, stores all the data in the cloud and can be used to improve inventory management and develop data backed consumer insights”, confirms Akshet.

He further adds, “The system combines robotic hardware with cloud-based software to prepare cocktail faster than a bartender and can actually make a perfect drink in less than 45 seconds.”

“It comes in two variants namely Barsys Pro and Barsys Elite which has a 6 bottles holding capacity and 5 bottles holding capacity respectively”.

This attractive machine comes with over 2000 cocktail recipes and moreover it provides the scope to customise a drink according to one’s need and preference.

Structured with a mobile interface based on Android and iOS platform ensures that the customers on different platforms can choose or customize their favorite cocktail.

In the age of smart machines and quick services, whether Barys will mark its presence in your living area or cabin is a matter of choice, but this engineering innovation truly deserved a thumbs up from our side.

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