Sabyasachi Mukherjee decoded ‘Jeans Genius’ Renzo Russo at LFW SR’16

Sabyasachi with Renzo Rosso at LFW SR 2016Renzo Rosso and Sabyasachi Mukherjee were welcomed on the stage for an interactive session during Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2016 with a resounding round of applause. Sabyasachi Mukherjee was on a mission to decode the ‘Jeans Genius’ and know the true essence and making of the brand ‘Diesel’.
Introducing the man behind the brand, Sabyasachi first related his humble beginnings by selling jewellery at 16. But Renzo Rosso as a 10-year-old started his first business – turning one rabbit into 120 and learnt to market them with his father.
From his bedroom, with his mother’s machine, Renzo’s first jeans were sold for a mere $ 3. His initial job was to set the foundation for the brand. Renzo’s potential encouraged Adriano Goldschmied, to partner him thus leading to the birth of ‘Diesel’ on October 6, 1978. Diesel was definitely an unconventional name for a brand but Renzo loved it and as he looked up to Levi’s, the grandfather of denim. The simple and short Diesel engine was the inspiration behind the name. Sabyasachi agreed it was edgy, cool and collective of the world’s imagination.
Sabyasachi revealed how Renzo hired people ‘with his heart and not his head’ to which Renzo added that he hired people from the vibe and sensation that he got from them. Questioned on helpful tips for upcoming designers, Renzo revealed the difficulties in dealing with retailers, distributors and entering the USA market, which was the birth place of jeans.
Sabyasachi’s queried about inviting investments when Renzo declared that good relations are helpful. When asked how he would like to be remembered 50 years from now. Renzo promptly stated it was the brand that should be remembered for it credibility. Renzo’s efforts were highlighted by Sabyasachi to support talent through ‘International Talent Support and the Diesel award’. The creator of Diesel loved young people as they were real innovators and stimulants for a modern vision. Renzo emphasised that his philosophy was ‘being the consumer to understand the consumer’.
The mention of the ‘Daily African’ campaign by Sabyasachi revealed the exceptional advertisement techniques used by Diesel. For Renzo it was a simple ideology, as his motto, was ‘I am who I am because of the people with who I am’.
To add a fun touch, Sabyasachi closed the conversation with a rapid fire round to decode Renzo Russo’s top favourites.
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