Rihanna’s new bangs and Bob hairdo is the best ever yet

Real talk: Rihanna isn’t someone you’d describe as having a “signature” hairstyle. Or a signature anything really. Unless you consider that signature being an all-around badass. So when Instagram began freaking out over the short new hairstyle with blunt bangs she recently debuted, we weren’t exactly surprised. She’s changed her hair more times than you can say “Kylie Jenner.”

Still, this Rihanna we’re talking about. And any time she changes her hair—whether it’s a Cleopatra bob, long and loose waves, fire-engine red color and down to her waist, or short curls—we can’t help but get a small case of the feels and a need to call our hairstylists in about, oh, four, five seconds.

Feast your eyes on her epic new ‘do of the moment:

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