A Ride to Remember: Here’s How Groom’s are making a Grand Entry

Big Fat Indian Weddings are all about lavish and extravagant decor, tantalizing gourmet, exquisite ensembles and all that jazz. But, as we step into a new phase of life, brides make sure they are swept off their feet and grooms are certainly taking some serious notes. Ever wondered your grandpa riding a rickshaw in the baraat procession? Well, our future grandchildren can certainly boast that. From crazy to super creative, here’s how the grooms are changing game from clichéd horse ride to horse power vintage cars, ATV’s and elephant. Name it and you might have it. Take a look:

Vintage Car Entry

Call it ostentatious but the fact about vintage cars remains their uber- cool quotient. Who wouldn’t ditch that white horse to make a memorable entry in pretty pastels and metallic finish cars like these.





It is quite a rage overseas but India is quickly picking up the trend. With celebrities like Karan Singh Grover totally nailing his avant-garde entry on a segway, we are sure many grooms are taking notes.


Oh well, how can we miss out on this oh-so-quirky trend. Catch Yuvraj Singh excluively on his ATV during the Baraat. So much excitement.

Boat Ride

The most romantic yet suave way to impress your bride. Take a boat on rent and float your way to reach her destination.


Yes, you read that right. A rickshaw entry is making rounds on social media when a groom decided to ditch the conventional entry trends and rather picked up a quirky one. It’s a heads-up from our side.



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