Ride this beauty for a Glamorous Roadshow: Mercedes AMG SLC 43

It’s got the look

Let’s face it – this car is a looker. The Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 embodies a classic combination of modern luxury and striking design elements that gives you the ultimate driving experience. Whether you’re driving in the city or out of it, the car pampers you the moment you’re in it. Sink into plush seats, turn up the volume and get ready for the ride of your life.



It’s versatile


If you’re driving in the night, leave the hood down and feel the wind in your hair. While this aspect is great, we love the fact that we can choose to drive with the hood up as well. This car becomes what we want it to be. What’s more, you can customise it any way you want! Choose your favourite colour, upholstery and other design elements to suit your fancy.

It’s fast


No who doesn’t crave speed? We could wax eloquence about the horsepower, etc. but we’ll leave the technical aspects to the car geeks. We’d like to tell you that this car is fast, smooth and driving it is an absolute pleasure. The DYNAMIC SELECT lets you adapt the car’s on-road manners to suit all your driving preferences. It’s almost as though this car drives for you… almost!

It’s tech savvy


We’re not tech enthusiasts but the technology in the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 takes care of all our tech woes. Get into the car, feed in your preferences and let the SLC do the rest. Of course, we’re totally crushing on a host of dramatic new styling elements: from its snarling front with new-look headlamps, to the sports steering wheel and a flattened bottom.

It’s a classily built ride


And of course, we’re all about classy, sleek cars that pamper us while we’re in it. Cruising around in the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 is an absolute pleasure.

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