Rendezvous with Bold and Beautiful Mandira Bedi

Actor, anchor and designer Mandira Bedi talks about her love for sarees and why she only remembers negative comments by media about her wardrobe sense.

How do you define fashion?
Well for me fashion has nothing to do with following trend. I think one need to be confident in what he/she is wearing. Apart from that it should reflect who you are.


Style means to you?
I think, it is all about being you and style is created. It is about carrying yourself inside out.

Best compliment till date.
I don’t remember. To be frank, I only remember negative comments mentioned by media, as it helps me to grow.

Your vanity staple.
Black kajal and the new thing that I am addicted to these days is small spray bottle of rose water.

Fashion mantra
It is pretty constant. I prefer sleeveless tee and denim.

Your go-to designers
Masaba Gupta, Rajat Tangri, but when it comes wearing sarees I prefer my own label.


Places you shop from.
Delhi and Mumbai is my favorite. But when it comes shopping I can shop anywhere. I remember when I visited Ranchi, I was mentioned to visit govt. emporium and I ended up buying a sari there.

Favorite day look.
Sleeveless tee and denim.

Favorite evening look
It all depends on the occasion, but my first preference is sari. And in case the occasion is not fit for sari then I prefer wearing a dress, jumpsuit or a gown.

Favorite style icon.

One veteran who’s style sense is eternal for you and why?
Rekha ji. She is beyond explanation,, she is evergreen.

What kind of makeup you swear by?
On a daily basis it is all about black kajal detailing. Other than that for evening I add on a base and a bit of eye highlighter.

Favorite red carpet look.

Color that rule your wardrobe.
Black and pink.


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