Recommended Workouts to do at Home

Life can get busy and oftentimes we don’t manage our health schedule. We find ourselves travelling or otherwise we don’t get the preferred fitness facilities. By this neither we are able to reduce weight nor stay fit. Going to gym is actually an amazing option but not everyone can afford to go or buy those fancy equipments. Well many exercises don’t need any specific gym instruments. They can be done any time at home or even if we are on a break. So here we come with a couple of recommendations which will help you burn those extra calories and shed pounds in quite a few days.


Push Ups1.1


Push up is a basic exercise that is done by raising and lowering our body with the support of arms. This exercise trains the muscles of chest, shoulders and arms. If you find it difficult, you can also place your knees on the floor. Your head should be aligned with your spine and feet are together with your toes tucked under and your heels reaching toward the wall behind you. They target your arms, chest, and core, serving as one of the most efficient bodyweight movements you can do.



Bridge exercise usually strengthens the whole abdominal region and the lower back. It is considered as the basic rehab exercise that improves spinal stabilization. Lie down on your back by putting your arms by your sides. Now bend your knees and raise your hips while maintain your back straight and keeping your feet on the floor. Let the hips be in a straight line with your shoulders and knees. Hold it there for 30 seconds and gently lower your hips back to the initial position and repeat the same for several minutes.




Squats are really great exercises for your buttocks and legs. Squat is a position in which you sit with knees bent close to the heels with your thighs parallel to the floor. It is a full body work out that primarily targets hips, thighs and buttocks. If you find this exercise routine difficult then try the same sitting on a chair and standing up, now repeat this process a number of times to tone your body and provide some benefit to it.


Walking Lunges1.4

Walking Lunges are very high intensity exercises that help in strengthening thighs and hips. Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Now step forward with your right foot the land on your left knee and then on forefoot. Make sure that you keep your knees at 90 degrees approximately. Stand on forward leg with the help of rear leg. Alter the leg and repeat it again. This exercise can be done by holding a pair of dumbbells in both your hands.


Bird Dog


The Bird dog exercise is a classic core exercise that emphasizes lower back strength and balance. If you’ve never done it before, the first few reps make seem awkward and difficult to balance, but once you get the form down, you’ll want to make it a staple in your exercise program. Begin with hands and knees position with your fingers pointing forward. Make sure that your hands are under your shoulders and knees are under your hips. Slowly stretch your opposite leg and arm almost parallel to the floor. Hold your balance for a few seconds without arching or sagging your back.



The Superman is a great way to strengthen your lower back and tone your glutes. Face down on your stomach with arms and legs extended. Keep your neck in a neutral position. Keeping your arms and legs straight, simultaneously lift your arms and legs up toward the ceiling to form an elongated “u” shape with your body — back arches and arms and legs lift several inches off the floor.


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