‘Raise Your Bar’ as Cutty Sark Arrives in India

It was unforgettable night of revelry as the Iconic Scottish whisky brand, Cutty Sark, made its

highly anticipated India debut recently. This is the first time, since 1923, that Cutty Sark has

been bottled in a country other than Scotland. And to mark the historic entry of a drink that is

hailed for its bold and distinct characteristics, Edrington Kyndal India Pvt Ltd, pulled out all the

stops to ensure the celebration was befitting of the occasion. The creative line-up for the

evening reinforced the defining traits of Cutty Sark.

Ntin Bal Chauhan, who is known to create quirky and edgy costume designs, showcased his

interpretation of the Cutty Sark philosophy and its theme of ‘Raise Your Bar’ through a limited-

edition fashion collection. He said, “the collection is a well-researched outcome, for which I had

to understand the core philosophy of Cutty Sark as a brand and keeping that in mind I had to

design the collection which was supposed to be very much alive and wearable.

Critically acclaimed actress, known for her choice of unconventional roles and live weire

personality, Klki Koechlin, was the dazzling show stopper of the evening. On the occasion she

said, “I am thrilled at the same time proud to clad Nitin’s creation. His creation is full of fashion

and drama and I feel that’s the best part of his originality in terms of art and design.”

Adding to this, BLOT!, who are known for constructing imaginative experimental visual and

sound experiences, created and immersive audiovisual environment for everyone at the launch

party. Kristeen Campbell one of the youngest and renowned master blender of Cutty Sark also

marked her presence at the event.

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