Quench yourself with some sexy mocktails for summer.

Summers are so hot and clumsy. Sweating is a very common thing. We all know that drinking water is must in summers. As summers are here, the only thing that we think of to cool ourselves is having cold drinks. But will cold drinks really quench your thirst? I know the answer is no of course. But yes indulging in cocktail is definitely a bad idea if you have to go for work the next day.

So what are you waiting for guys? Why not trying something different to refresh yourself?- Yes we are talking about some amazing mocktails for summers. Strawberry, mango, peach, raspberry, lemonade, soda water, blueberry, pineapple- make some soothing mocktails for yourself with these.

They are not only refreshing but healthy as well. A fresh fruit mixed with lemonade, soda water and ice- sounds sexy isn’t it?

Check out some of the amazing summer mocktails that you can try:


Watermelon Mojito mocktail


Pineapple lemonade


Strawberry Lime slush


Ginger lemonade


Kiwi Crusher

Blackberry Mint Spritzers | Cool down this September with a flavorful spritzer! Made simply using fresh blackberries, mint, simple syrup and ginger ale, this will become a fast favorite!

Blackberry Mint Spritzer


Cranberry cutie mocktail


Rainbow mocktail

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